Hope Foundation is here to provide the right guidance so that, you can achieve excellence in education.Hope Foundation offers you best in class educational services. Our expert counseling meets your needs and values, allowing you to pursue your educational and professional goals. It assists you in achieving all that you can in today’s academic and business environment. It is an ever-expanding higher education consultation with multi-cultural and multi lingual learning environment. Hope Foundation has excellent link with future and higher education industry and commerce organization throughout India.

Hope Foundation is a registered organization and having registered under Societies Act, 1861. Career First is registered as a part of Hope Foundation and having authorization from many colleges of Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Orissa, Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Punjab & other parts of India to provide guidanceand to conduct counseling at Hope Foundation offices across India for direct admission.

Hope Foundation is here to provide you the right guidance so that you can crack the competitive exams for professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Management and other professional courses easily, even if you will not clear that exam or else you don’t want to prepare for one more year we are going to provide you direct admission under management quota (seats) of the top institutions of India. By direct admission we mean that we can help you to get admitted in top colleges or universities even if you have not written or not qualified the entrance test of that college or university.


Hope Foundationis a speculation to help in surge of a new, prior/advance and content nation, to those untouched society. And, this is a movement against feeblish, illiteracy, and inanity. Hope Foundation was been established in year 2012 in Bihar’s capital Patna, to fight against these three enemies, to flourish self-vulnerability. Core Intention is to deliver free employee education to SC/ST and OBC, which is contrast to the basic education. This includes, making them know the meaning of education, comprehend/extricate between regular education and employee education and with standing, avail free employee and technical education to maximum children.

Our Vision

Hope Foundation has an ambition to build India, an accomplished, advanced and blossom country, in which youth plays main portrayal, by providing them education, employment and training. Hope Foundation has inaugurated free employment to unemployed people, so that adequate employment can be hand over to them. So that, in accordance to capabilities of individual, jobs will be delivered. Skill development and training program has been conducted to, Hope Foundationadministered villages, to uproot regular unemployment and hidden unemployment and also revamp the labor cost, so that free technical training can be deployed to make untrained labor at proportion to adroit ones.
Latest Information
Admission for B.Tech (All Branches) With-Out any kind of donation.
• JIT (Jaipur Institute Of Technology) , JAIPUR
• Kautilya Institute of Technology & Engineering and School of Management
• Dr. Radhakrishnan Institute Of Technology
• Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology